about me

Up in the clouds and still down to earth…that’s me to a t-square!

As a little girl scribbling on paper plates with crayons (sitting on the kitchen floor of all places), I knew I would pursue a career in the creative arts. I wasn’t sure just how, but I had to follow my passion. And find some time to scribble along the way!

Drawn to design and photography, I am able to express my creativity in different and unique ways. In my work, I aim to capture a feeling, to grasp an emotion, and gather inspiration from life, people and the things around me. Communicating a message and making a statement — to me, that’s what design is all about.

I also have fun crafting, creating and working on other hands-on projects.

graphic design

Every design is an opportunity to make a connection. My goal has been to make that connection by utilizing my unique ideas, creativity and whimsical sensibilities.

My formal background is a degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design, and professionally, I have received numerous awards from GDUSA American Inhouse, GDUSA American Graphic Design, and International Academy of Visual Arts (Communicator Awards).

I appreciate and enjoy all kinds of media and have designed a wide variety of different projects, from annual reports to bus wraps to websites…just to name a few! Below is a small sample of some of my work.


On a whim, I one day found myself behind the lens of a camera. Zooming in on the details, I discovered a tiny little world unlike any other while frolicking on foot…and I was now able to record these precious sightings. With my 105mm macro lens, I’m able to get as close as I want to while still giving nature its space.

Since then, I have been featured on Flickr’s homepage and Flickr Explore many times. Here are a few of my personal favorites!

contact me

Design or photography, I’m always ready to take on new and fun projects. If you have something in mind, just drop me a line, and I can help create your vision!

There’s strength in the word “we.” In any piece, whether collaborating on ideas, photographing a subject, or polishing a design, the saying really is true — whole is greater than the sum of its parts — and together, we can certainly make that happen.

I currently reside in a small town in Westchester County, located just outside the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Email me:
[email protected]

My resume is also available upon request.